We are delighted to welcome you to Tybee Island Inn Bed and Breakfast which first opened its doors in 1995.
Come on in! We'd love for you to find out more about us and why The Tybee Island Inn is so meaningful.

In Memory of Mason

The inn was created in loving memory of Mason Kayle, our beloved son who sadly passed away too soon. We also can't forget our beautiful Great Dane Dozer who gave us so much joy, both live on in our hearts forever. There are other people too, whose memory will live on through Tybee Island Inn and we miss them all. To pay tribute to Mason, we've placed photographs and other memorable items in different areas, so that he is always with us. You might notice a picture, or our Mason jars that we use to serve our fresh juice. These are little touches that are personal to us, Mason's family, and it's important to us that he's always there with us.

A Dream Come True!

My daughter Alyssa and I always dreamt of owning our own inn, a place for people to wind down and relax in comfortable, happy surroundings, a place that feels like family, with those little nuances that make you feel all cozy and warm – and we've finally made that into a reality. Alyssa and her husband Zach (along with fur baby Brutus) are all heavily involved with Tybee Inn too. There were lots of different experiences that inspired us to build something that was all about happiness (one was the show the Gilmore Girls!), happiness makes the world go round – that's what we believe in and no doubt you do too.

We also fell in love with Tybee Island Inn's past. The home used to be a hospital day room for Fort Screven. It has surely stood the test of time – for over 100 years, along with the rich history that surrounds Tybee Island. It felt the perfect match for our project. We hope you agree.

Your Family is Our Family

As a family, no matter what obstacles are thrown at us, we all come together, rooting for each other, even when it feels like there's no way forward. We want to do the same for others. There is always a way forward – we will help you find that way forward at Tybee Inn, by making you feel welcomed through our doors and caring for you as if you were one of our own. That's our ethos, we feel a need to care for others, to love people, so that's what we do. We also treat people like family because we are family orientated. Your family is our family, we hope that shines through!

Create Comforts and Delicious Food

Our inn features eight, beautifully appointed rooms. We serve a delicious, heart-warming breakfast (made with love) and from time to time, our dishes have a Greek twist (paying homage to my Greek family).

My History
(and a little about my husband's!)

A little about me and what led me to The Inn. I have a Greek and American blended background. My father, Christos, was a Palace Guard for the King and Queen of Greece. When he travelled to the USA many years ago, he only had $100 in his pocket. His dream was to serve with the USA military, but he'd narrowly missed the age limit. Over the years, he worked hard to build an American life and was granted US citizenship, he loves the country!

My mother, Agatha's family was from Kentucky and Tennessee but she was raised in South-East Ohio. She worked as a computer programmer and is a keen church-goer, a regular member of the Old Regular Baptist Church. My husband Chris' family is from North Carolina, his mother, Ann, was a schoolteacher, and his father, Malcolm, who passed away only recently and is another greatly missed family member, owned an auto-body car repair business. We both come from loving, giving families and we are grateful for the way that they cared for others, showing us how important it is to look after people who need our help. When you visit, perhaps we'll chat about our families?

We are so excited to meet you!
We feel like we know you already!